Get involved

Get Involved
The Gandep Project is actively seeking men, women, companies and churches who are ready and willing to help. We are specifically looking for the following:

  • Prayer. Prayer is the work and ministry is the outcome.
  • Your skills. Everybody is welcome to work on the project. The following skills are particularly required:
    • Mechanics
    • Heavy Machinery Operators
    • Boating/Barge Operators
    • Metal Workers/Fabricators/Welders
    • Bridge builders/Engineers/Road Builders
    • Builders
    • Logistics/Project Management
  • Introductions. Do you know somebody who may wish to help? Please spread the word and make an introduction.

For more information:
Jim West: 0428 661 130
Phil Hunt: 0413 762 126
Phil Johnson: 0404 573 247

Or use to contact form on the contact us page.

Gandep welcome party.
Gandep welcome party.

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