About Madang

Gandep is located in the Madang Province of PNG.

Madang in Papua New Guinea

Madang is the name of both the province and its major town. The province of Madang has a land mass of 28,886 km2, had a population of 493906 at the 2011 census, and is mostly dense tropical rainforest. The province is undeveloped outside of Madang town. The infrastructure in Madang town is basic and under-maintained. There are limited opportunities for employment in the region and most inhabitants are unemployed or have little income. The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) statistics rank PNG’s overall health system to be amongst the poorest performing in the world.

You can read more about PNG and Madang on Wikipedia and on the WHO website.

Download the WHO Statistical Profile of PNG. This PDF was sourced from the WHO website (https://www.who.int/countries/png/en/) in November, 2018.

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