How to donate

Donate to the Gandep Project

Generous donors have so far given more than $1,400,000 to the project. By donating, you will bring us a step closer to opening up access to better health, education, and trade outcomes for the people of Gandep. Every donation, small or large, is helpful and appreciated.

Non Tax Deductible Gifts

“Ordinary” (after tax) gifts can be made directly to HumeRidge Church of Christ Toowoomba.
Bank Transfer
BSB 064 459 ACC 10212055
Customer Transaction Reference: Gandep

Cheques can be made out to:
Hume Ridge Church of Christ Toowoomba (Gandep Project)

Tax Deductible Gifts

Tax deductibility is offered by way of gifts through GMP to HumeRidge PNG Access Road project.

donate through GMP


For plant, machinery and material donations phone Jim West: 0428 661 130.