2017 has been a big year for the Gandep Project.

Installing windows

2017 highlights include:

* Approximately $400000 raised in 2017 as at September for a project total of approximately $1400000.
* Purchase of a CAT 299D Compact Track Loader including seven implements.
* Jim made his 9th visit to Gandep in 8 years.
* There are now approximately 30 people actively working on the project
* 2 Scrapers have been ordered and paid for
* 20 containers have been purchased and are being fit-out.
* 4 teams working once a month at the mission shed

God has been good to provide the funds when needed to see the project continue throughout 2017. Up until September, a total of $400000 has been raised towards purchasing equipment. The major machinery purchased in 2017 include a CAT 299D Compact Track Loader with seven implements and two scrapers. The Loader is now on premises at the mission shed and the scrapers are due for delivery in January 2018. One of the attachments on the loader is a heavy duty mulcher which is capable of reducing small trees to mulch in seconds and will be used to remove regrowth along the length of the road.

CAT 299D track loader.

In September, Jim made his 9th visit to Gandep and was greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Gandep people towards the project as well as the co-operation on offer by SIL at Ukarumpa. SIL is offering to partner with the project to provide travel to and from Gandep for work teams as well as food and medical support. This will be a vital partnership for the project. The villagers at Gandep feel like a forgotten people but are extremely excited by the progress that has taken place in Australia.

Four teams of skilled workers have been working a Saturday one month at the mission shed on a rotating basis. Teams of carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and engineers, have been preparing the plant and equipment for shipment to PNG. The majority of the work in 2017 has gone towards fitting out more than 20 cargo containers for use in the work camp. The containers include a fully fitted out medical container, amenities, cooking, hydraulic service fuel storage, water carriage, water filtration and storage.

There are currently approximately 30 men and women actively involved in working on the project, performing roles as diverse as designing menus and layouts of kitchens, ensuring government compliance, project management, writing training programs, and the skilled workers. Financial support is coming from as far away as Sydney. This project is a big undertaking, and we are very grateful for everyone who is willing to be a part of the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information or to become involved.

Containers waiting for modification.





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