Getting ready to ship

2019 was a stellar year for the project with significant progress made. The project team is nearing the end of the accumulation process and is now in a position to undertake a partial shipment to PNG in mid-2020. The project has now acquired all the primary equipment required to complete the work. We are grateful for God’s gracious provision and the hard work and dedication of our 118 volunteers. Together, they have contributed an estimated 13000 hours to the project in 2019. Approximately $760,000 was raised in 2019, bringing the total to over $2.2 million for the life of the project.

"God's Miracle"
“God’s Micacle” is due to be finished by the end of March.
  • The most significant activity of 2019 was the near completion of the barge. The barge is an essential piece of equipment for the project.
  • Resupply the workers with fuel, food, and other supplies.
  • Transport the equipment up the Ramu River to the worksite.
  • Capable of carrying each of the pieces of equipment from Bunapas to Tsumba.
  • Storage for 11,000 litres of diesel in the hull which is vital to keep the machinery running.
  • 3 diesel outboard engines each producing 150HP.
  • The result of many hours of project planning and design work.
  • The only machine of it’s kind in the world.
  • Commercial Marine Australia has been generous to design and build it at cost.

We are also very grateful to those who have donated the funds to build the barge. The barge solves several problems that have plagued the project since inception. The circumstances of it’s coming about has been so awe-inspiring that we have decided to name it “God’s Miracle”.

We are very grateful to Bruce Vandersee, who has very generously donated a secondhand John Deere 8230 to the project. We will dedicate the 8230 to pulling one of the scrapers, a job to which it is well suited. Twenty-two men were trained to use the scrapers in 2019 and are ready to work on the road.

John Deere 8230
John Deere 8230

One of the most exciting developments of 2019 was that two men stepped out in faith and resigned their jobs to volunteer full time on the project. Laury Tate did this at the beginning of the year, and Andrew Williams followed him mid-year. These men are working hard to get the gear ready to ship, and their step of faith is an encouragement to us all.

2019 was a very positive and productive year for the project, and we are excited about where God will take us in 2020.


2018 was a tough year for fundraising, however, the team made significant steps towards being ready to ship to PNG. The two scrapers, ordered in 2017, arrived in early 2018. These will be vital for moving the vast amounts of fill required to finish the track.

One of the biggest challenges to be faced by the work teams will be the availability of clean water. The team has spent around 18 months setting up a water filtration system that is capable of turning the water from the Ramu River, a particularly dirty source, into clean drinking water. This process involves a container for carrying water from the source to the camp, a container to store the water once is has been brought back to camp, a water filter system, including fine particle filters, reverse osmosis, and chlorine treatment, and finally, a clean water storage container. The system also includes the pumps required to move the water. Having this system nearly complete is a big step towards being ready to ship.

The team has also been working on the design of a barge that will be able to move equipment up the river and to resupply the camp. The barge will be capable of carrying 7000L of diesel, a container on top and being able to travel both up and down the Ramu River and from Bunapas to Madang along the coast. Resupplying the camp would be impossible without such a piece of equipment. The barge is one of the last large pieces of plant required before shipping the equipment. As of February 2019, the design of the barge is almost finalised, and construction will commence soon. Significant funds will need to be raised to complete the build.

Work has also begun on setting up a mock camp. This will allow the team to iron out any problems with the equipment so it can be set up with a minimum of fuss or problem on location.

Mock Camp

Please join with us in prayer that God will give us the resources we require to complete the work and ship the equipment to PNG. It is only by the grace of God that we have come so far, and it will only be by the grace of God that we will finish.


2017 has been a big year for the Gandep Project.

Installing windows

2017 highlights include:

* Approximately $400000 raised in 2017 as at September for a project total of approximately $1400000.
* Purchase of a CAT 299D Compact Track Loader including seven implements.
* Jim made his 9th visit to Gandep in 8 years.
* There are now approximately 30 people actively working on the project
* 2 Scrapers have been ordered and paid for
* 20 containers have been purchased and are being fit-out.
* 4 teams working once a month at the mission shed

God has been good to provide the funds when needed to see the project continue throughout 2017. Up until September, a total of $400000 has been raised towards purchasing equipment. The major machinery purchased in 2017 include a CAT 299D Compact Track Loader with seven implements and two scrapers. The Loader is now on premises at the mission shed and the scrapers are due for delivery in January 2018. One of the attachments on the loader is a heavy duty mulcher which is capable of reducing small trees to mulch in seconds and will be used to remove regrowth along the length of the road.

CAT 299D track loader.

In September, Jim made his 9th visit to Gandep and was greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Gandep people towards the project as well as the co-operation on offer by SIL at Ukarumpa. SIL is offering to partner with the project to provide travel to and from Gandep for work teams as well as food and medical support. This will be a vital partnership for the project. The villagers at Gandep feel like a forgotten people but are extremely excited by the progress that has taken place in Australia.

Four teams of skilled workers have been working a Saturday one month at the mission shed on a rotating basis. Teams of carpenters, electricians, mechanics, and engineers, have been preparing the plant and equipment for shipment to PNG. The majority of the work in 2017 has gone towards fitting out more than 20 cargo containers for use in the work camp. The containers include a fully fitted out medical container, amenities, cooking, hydraulic service fuel storage, water carriage, water filtration and storage.

There are currently approximately 30 men and women actively involved in working on the project, performing roles as diverse as designing menus and layouts of kitchens, ensuring government compliance, project management, writing training programs, and the skilled workers. Financial support is coming from as far away as Sydney. This project is a big undertaking, and we are very grateful for everyone who is willing to be a part of the project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information or to become involved.

Containers waiting for modification.






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